How to Feel Better

You + Me (Hi, I’m Dan)


In one 1-on-1 call, we loosen the grip of whatever is worrying you / mentally blocking you / causing you anxiety or keeping you up at night. And replace it with clarity and inner peace. ✨

I’ll teach you how to feel better, no matter what you’re dealing with right now.


How much would it be worth to you if this time next week you felt brighter, lighter and better?

The problem with the problem you’re struggling with is that that is not the problem.

The root cause of all emotional suffering and pain always starts in our heads.

And that is great news. Cos it means that although we cannot change our external circumstances (I hope that doesn’t come as a surprise), we can fix what’s in our heads.

In our 1-on-1 session, we will unpack whatever problems or issues you’re wrestling with - and I will specifically guide and teach you a framework to work through your challenges and feel better quickly.

That means you’ll know what to do the next time you encounter a setback, frustation, mental block, worry.

(Psst! I’m teaching you to fish, instead of just fishing for you.)

Think of it as gaining a super-ninja move that can help you slay all lemons that head your way in the future. Cos let me tell you the brutal honest truth - the lemons will continue coming.


Your well-being is everything.

In our call, we will get into:

  • Whatever is troubling you

  • How your feelings are created by you and for you

  • The key to feeling better

  • The importance of understanding that you can’t make your life better from the outside in

  • The actual process for making your life better

  • What anxiety really is and how to overcome it

  • Hoping for something vs owning the responsibility for getting it done

  • Tips for managing your thoughts



Dan is like an experienced mountain guide - he’s been up and down the mountain so many times he knows the ins and outs of the journey to the top. Always encouraging, he extends a helping hand but allows room for the climber to explore challenging terrains on their own.

Dan always reminds me to enjoy my journey and accept that everything happens for a reason which will be justified in its own time.

Together, we stop to smell the roses along the way and when we get to the top, the expansive views and breathtaking beauty is amplified a hundred fold because the person who cried your tears and wiped your perspiration is there with you to take it all in.

His happiness matches yours, and you wonder how that’s even possible. Your cup becomes so full. All because one person believed in you when you found it hard to believe in yourself.
— Gabrielle Mendoza, Corporate Escapee turned Yoga Teacher
Dan’s joyful spirit and fervor for life are simply infectious! He’s hilarious, earnest, insightful, an astute entrepreneur, a selfless mentor and a loyal friend. His experiences in life have given him wisdom and perspective, which he shares with brutal honesty and endearing humor. Dan is a rare soul.
— Alice Shi
Dan did not disappoint. His energy is simply infectious.
— Ooi Hui Mei, Group Director (Communications) of People's Association
Daniel inspired us to communicate openly and with authenticity, by being completely open about his own journey and struggles. He was the embodiment of communicating with trust - sharing his stories with equal parts of vulnerability, humility and yet bold doses of humour. I felt he helped my team to break down walls that day. We all agreed it was a most refreshing take on team bonding.
— Agnes Kwek, Director of DesignSingapore Council
Dan has been doing his wonderful work with me for the past 6 months. He gives his most during each session and he has been such a committed life coach. I cannot ask for more. His positivity has lifted me in some of my darkest times.

He is able to empathise with all the struggles and pains that I am going through. Struggles which I can share only with him and I know he does not judge. He listens with a compassionate unbiased heart.

He will dissect what I have shared with him to something deeper; to peel away the layers slowly and reveal the root of my pains and life blocks.

By being honest with him, I was able to be honest with myself too.

His practical solutions to some of my life and work issues have been invaluable. His insights into running a business have been so helpful, I was so relieved to find a coach who understands what I am going through as a micro/small business owner while still trying to pursue my passion as a side-hustle.

Dan is ever-so patient and dedicated to our life coaching sessions. Dan invests his time for research in order to make each session immensely fulfilling.

Dan’s humility makes him so relatable and so easy to talk to. His crazy high-energy personality stirs creativity.

Dan is indeed a unique, multifaceted life-coach/business coach.
— Adrienne Lee, Entrepreneur

Let’s take you from overwhelmed and burned out to confident and thriving.


Why coach?

I believe that in 5 years, having a life coach will be as common as having a personal trainer at the gym.

Why that hasn’t happened yet is evidence that most people haven’t realised that the best investment one can have is to learn how to manage the most sophisticated, most complex, most powerful equipment that money can’t buy - our brain.

Why coach?

Because nobody taught us how…

How to manage our mind. How to develop emotional adulthood. How to have better thought management. How to create a better life.

None of these core life skills were taught to us in school.

So we try to change our world so we can feel better, instead of feeling better to change our world.

In the past few years, I have coached countless clients. They bring all sorts of problems they are experiencing to me. And there hasn’t been a problem we couldn’t tackle head on.

I have the process to make your life better, and the best news is, you don’t have to change anything. But don’t be surprised when a lot of things change.

The best time to start working on yourself was yesterday. The next best time is now.

Don’t wait 5 years.

60-minutes dedicated to helping you in one or two specific areas of your life or business. I can support you by overcoming mindset blocks, setting goals, organising and optimising your business, figuring out what your next steps should be, and more!

Do not have the funds to invest in a coaching session right now? That’s OK. For now, I suggest that you listen to our podcast episode on “How To Stop Worrying.” You’ll find some practical tips you can use immediately to help manage your worries.